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Spark of Light

energy healing and intuitive Growth

Reiki Energy Healing

With two Reiki healers, we offer a unique healing experience with our Sol style of Reiki.

Combining crystals and sound healing, alongside body, mind and soul work, we help you to heal yourself.

Intuition Workshops

Want to learn how to grow your intuition?

We offer group workshops on understanding chakras, spiritual guides, energy healing, past life and more.

Local Artisan Handmade Goods

Intuitively selected gemstone meditation malas, herb mixed handcrafted candles, crystal suncatchers, and more

Healing others to heal oneself

We believe in connecting you to your intuition to find your best path to heal yourself and others. Using universal energy to help release stagnant harmful energies we pick up through life, we refresh and empower the caretakers of the world.

We are striving for a revival of healers and an end to burn out of passion and creativity. We work to teach others ways to use their energy to heal and protect themselves, and to get to know themselves better on a mind, body and soul level. As a wise friend said to us “Healing others to heal oneself”

Feeling overwhelmed and exhausted?

You’re Not Alone. 

It’s difficult to make it through life without picking up some negative energy. Empaths often are the most vulnerable to this. We can help you clear out blockages from this life and past to heal both the body and soul.

Our Services at a Glance

We like to joke that energy work can be as Woo-woo as you want (or don’t want). You decide what you believe and that’s the beauty of it. It’s a constant growth of learning and being open to what the universe has in store for us. 

Past Life Exploration

We dive in with you to find what traumas and energies you’re being affected by from past lives and how to best release it. 


Soul Retrieval

There can be experiences in our lives that cause us to fragment off a part of our energy. We can help return this energy, cleansed and healed, to unite with you.

Finding the Root Cause

Often physical illness symptoms are a stagnation of energy flow. We can look for the metaphysical root causes and help with the releasing of this energy. 

Chakra Balancing

The chakras are energy centers that govern our energy function and flow. If they are to open or closed you can see physical problems arise.

Energetic Shielding

We are exposed to thousands of different energies every day when we’re out and about. We can teach you how to protect yourself and cleanse your own energy and home.

Intuition Development

Looking to grow your own intuition? We can help guide you on safe practices to develop your third eye. 

Communicate with your Guides

We can help you discover new ways to talk with your guides. Everyone has guides as they navigate and learn through life. These can be Angels, Ancestors, Animals, Fey, and more. Learn how to see the signs they send you.

About Us

Certified Reiki Healers

Viktoria and Mychal are certified Master Reiki Healers. After jumping headfirst into their own spiritual journey, they strive to help others find their own way to trusting their intuition. Continuously learning and growing, they have a passion for helping and growing the spiritual and energetic community. Highly spiritual in their own practice, (With an absolute fondness for angels and mother nature) they are open-minded and love hearing others view points. 

Sol Reiki

Sol Reiki or Spark of Light Reiki is our unique flavor of energy healing. We combine crystal, sound and other holistic healing modalities to best heal the person in front of us.

Intuitive Growth

We don’t just want to be your reiki healer. We want to teach you how to best heal yourself. Our goal is that you are your own best healer and we spark a light in you to develop your own abilities and connection. 

The Woo

We’re not your mama’s Reiki. We lovingly joke that we’re the engineer and conductor of the woo-woo train. What does this mean? That we’ll discuss with you what you want to delve into in your own spiritual journey. We are a pressure free zone. You decide what’s discussed and what’s worked on for your session.

Frequently Asked Questions

No judgement zone here. We promise it’s not to weird to ask.


What is Reiki?

Reiki at its core is universal energy. Reiki sessions typically involve the process of pushing good energy in to remove and replace the negative energy you build up through life.

What is Reiki good for?

Reiki is nearly limitless in what it can help with. A few common examples are assisting in pain relief, releasing anxiety, bringing balance and tranquility, speeding up recovery, and releasing stagnant energies from past traumas. It can also help you better connect with your own spirit/soul, intuition and energetic guides. 

Do you have to be certified in Reiki to do Energy work?

Not at all. People are using their intuition and doing “energy work” nearly daily without realizing it. We can help you grow that ability and be more mindful of your energetic use. Reiki is one form of energy healing but you should look for the best modality that fits for you. 

How does Reiki interact with Religion?

Reiki itself is not a religion but is complementary to religion. It is a way to deepen your spirituality. Whether you believe in God, The Universe, Allah, Yahweh, Mother Earth or your higher self, Reiki can be used to connect and grow your relationship with them and your own soul.

Can Reiki be used for animals?

Absolutely! Animals can benefit from Reiki the same as us. Animals tend to be more sensitive to energy than us and often pick up on our energetic stuff. 

How do I grow my Intuition?

There’s no one answer for this one. It’s a lot of trial and error to find what works best for you. (And believe us we’ve had our trial and errors) We can help guide you in different ways to try connecting to find what best jives with you. We also host workshops to develop your intuition with others on similar journeys.  

Spark of Light Workshops

We want to create a space to feel comfortable to explore and play with energy. Our workshops are designed to dip your toes in the energetic woo and test out what feels right for you. Covering a broad reach of subjects, we’re also happy to create a class for you and friends on a topic you’re interested in, if we have the knowledge to share. 

Communicating with Your Guides

Learning what guides you have with you, how to read their signs, and more! Everyone has guides and they can range from angels, to ancestors, nature spirits, soul family, and more. 


Delving into Past Lives

Sometimes we carry the traumas of past lives in fears, anxieties, pain and chronic illness. Looking back into the past and helping heal it in the present can be powerful. It can also be a fun way to learn more about your soul and sate curiosity about why we have some quirks and characteristics in this life. 

The Down Low on Crystals

Confused on what crystal does what? How to get the most out of the pretty stone in your collection? How the heck do you even go about choosing a crystal? We can help. 

Holy Empathy! (How to deal with what’s not your emotions)

Everyone deals with picking up on other people’s energy, but other’s emotions are even tougher to handle. We’ll teach you how to shield, ground and release to better navigate your empathy. 

Fey, Angels and Other Energetic Beings

Other beings exist in all sorts of lore, myths, religion, folklore and childhood stories. We love talking with others about their experiences with these beings and sharing our own. 

Not Your Momma’s Reiki

Reiki doesn’t have to be all Om and clear your mind meditations. In fact we highly encourage you to seek out the way that best suits you. Healing is personable and we’ll help you dip your toes in to get you started on your path of healing. 

Have a group of friends that are interested?

Schedule a workshop for your group. 2+ people.